Oracle MAF 2.3: deploying and installing an application to the Universal Windows Platform

Almost one month ago, Oracle released Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.3 that allow us to build Windows 10 applications. After building or migrating our application it is time to distribute it.

Fist you have to prepare you development environment. You can check how to do it here:  Oracle MAF: configuring Windows 10 development environment

In this post I will show how to deploy and install an UWP executable

We are going to use Workbetter application that can be found in the next path (change ‘C:OracleMiddleware1221’ with your JDeveloper installation path):


One we have opened the application we have to deploy it as we usually do todeploy it to iOS or Android, but selecting Windows profile.

Once the deployment has finished, under deploy folder we will a folder structure like this:
The last folder will depend on the version number and the build mode. We will see many files and folders that includes the dependencies and the certificate we used to sign the application.
This is the folder you have to share in order to install the application.

In order to install the application we have to ‘Run with PowerShell’ the .ps1 file.

We will see a progress bar while installing.

Once it is installed we can search for the application and run it.

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