Oracle Mobile Cloud Service New version has been released

New Oracle Mobile Cloud Service version has been released where we can find, a redisign of the application and some improvements that we were missing the the previous version (1.0). This new version 1.1 matches 16.1.1

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The first changes that we can see is the design of the application. In the new version the menu is on the left hand side and you can collapse it. You can also change between environments with the combo box in the header of the application.

Another change we find is in Mobile Backend authentication. In the previous version we were able to use HTTP Basic, but in the new version we can configure our Mobile Backend to use OAuth authentication.

Oracle said that more connectors will come in future releases. Until now we were able to integrate REST and SOAP web services, now we can integrate our Integration Cloud Service instance thanks to the new connector.

Analytics is other feature that has changed, nwo we can create custom reports so we can avoid to select the filters every time we want to see them.

Other new features that were introduced are:

  • We can now integrate out .NET and JavaScript applications thanks to the new SDKs.
  • We can configure some static values when deploying between environments in our Mobile Cloud Service instance by editing a properties file.
  • We can also export and import any artifact we create so the migration between instances is easier.
If you want to know more about the new version you can check: What’s new in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

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