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ADF: Creating and consuming JAX-RPC web services in JDeveloper 12c

As you can see in JDeveloper 12c Deprecated and Desupported features JAX-RPC has been removed from JDeveloper 12.1.2. Although it has been removed there are still many JAX-RPC web services that we need to consume so I am going to show you how to consume or create JAX-RPC web services.

Both actions require us to manually add JAX-RPC libs to the project because as you will see by default JAX-WS service and proxy are created when we try to consume or create a web service.

  • Creating JAX-RPC Web Services

By default you can only select JAX-WS web service.

To be able to create a JAX-RPC web service we need to add JAX-RPC libs to the project so in project properties we head to Libraries and Classpath and click on ‘Add library’.
Then we have to selec ‘JAX-RPC 11 Web Services’ and click ‘OK’.

Now, if we try to create the web service again we can see that the wizard don’t force us to choose JAX-WS.

  • Consuming JAX-RPC Web Services

The same happens when we try to create a JAX-RPC client proxy.

 As the error message suggest, we have to include JAX-RPC libs to the project.

 Then we can create the proxy using the wizard.

 And if we try the proxy we can see that the web service works fine.